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The Secrets to building successful Duck Ponds and filters


The Secrets to building successful Duck Ponds and filters is to have a pump circulating the pond water from the lowest level up to the top of the pond and allowing it to run down to the bottom of the pond. This assists greatly with aeration, the design has to be carefully planned to ensure that the levels are correct. Ponds have to be made sufficiently deep so that there is enough depth to allow ducks to dive, which they enjoy doing. 

The importance of Waterfalls

Garden Pond


Before introducing ducks into your pond plant sufficient vegetation to give the ducks shade, but not too much as this makes them difficult to catch and view. Duck boxes must also be placed in the enclosure to allow ducks to nest. Create pockets in the pond to enable the planting of water plants here and there around the edge of the water.

Part of the Bio-Filter

Water Filtration

To ensure good water filtration for the Duck Ponds, we designed and built a “natural” bio-filter system. This consisted of a large trench dug into the ground in which a number of chambers were constructed. These chambers were filled to a certain height with coarse media, such as rocks and stones or pre-washed rubble, on top if which we grew plants; these allowed the water to filter through their roots to the final chamber. A pump was placed in the last chamber which pumped the clean filtered water back to the top of the series of ponds. These were constructed at a slightly higher level than the bio-filter to provide a natural gravity fall back to the bio-filter.

The success of this method is dependent on a number of factors:

  • The correct size of the filter trench in relation to the pond volume
  • The selection of the correct filter medium
  • Choice of the correct water plants that would extract the duck excrement out of the water, and thrive
  • Selection of the correct pump size

Full details are provided in the Downloadable eBook – “How to Design & Build Duck Ponds & Pens”

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