Starting Up

Small ponds with just a couple of ducks can be easily created close to the house and integrated into the water feature. 

Goldfish may also be added to the pond and they appear to live happily with the ducks. Design the pond with rock caves for the young fish to hide and you will find your fish population expanding at a fair rate.

When starting up with the building of ponds it is VERY IMPORTANT if you have young children at home is to have a fence that will prevent them from falling into the pond.When 

Small duck pond

The small duck pond around the home should have adequate vegetation growing around it. The vegetation should be enough to allow the ducks to hide and breed.

Becoming more adventurous an attractive medium sized pond can fairly easily be created in the front or back garden of the home. Here again create a design that is attractive and in keeping with the home and garden.

In every instance we advocate that an effort be made to have the pond water circulating, preferably down a waterfall or spraying from a fountain as this will help keep the water aerated.

When adding stock to your pond the Wood Duck or Carolina and Mandarin are good species to start with and are fairly easy to obtain.

Breeding ducks on a large scale requires a great deal more effort and the scope of such an operation is covered in the section on the Duck Pen.

Running water is the secret to having a healthy and clean pond. 

Raising Exotic Ducks is a fascinating hobby or business! The beauty of some of the Exotics has to be seen to be believed. We hope this website, the articles and the booklets  that can be downloaded will turn you into an avid Exotic duck breeder.

In South Africa if you want to start with indigenous species like Yellow Bill, Hottentot Teal, Cape Teal, Red Bill teal, Fulvous Whistling, White Faced Whistling ducks etc. you will have to apply for a keeping permit from Nature Conservation.

With Exotic Ducks the rule is that they must be pinioned, so if they escape they will not breed with indigenous species.

Before starting any venture to keep ducks you need to contact your local authorities as to their requirements. In America for example contact U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as to their requirements.

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